Into the Past of an Incident

An incident always has a timeline whether we see it clearly or not. Some are visible to the naked eye and some require an electron microscope. Different approaches exist like Cyber Kill Chain and I’d like to delve into the life of an attack and try to look at it from the analyst angle.

The CyberSecurity Skills Shortage: The ATAR Solution

Currently, the cybersecurity sector is facing a severe expert shortage. It's more than evident that the Cyber Security industry as a whole needs more cybersecurity experts, but the hiring process turns many away. In fact, most of the time, it can take no less than three months to hire a real expert, which leads to bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in the network. 
Every business, no matter their industry, budget, or size, needs to keep their data safe and secure and CISOs are the solution with specialized skills and expansive knowledge that can secure any network. With that in mind, as the workforce currently sits, even U.S. companies are in desperate need of cybersecurity specialists. 


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