The threat data and cyber alarms creates a huge volume of incidents to work on that. Each and every single cases creates more data when working on a single case. All activities must be recorded to the platform and it may turn some meaningful views when needed such as dashboards or reports.

In many SOC settings today, the activities taking place during an investigation are not logged and it is impossible to keep a trail of previous actions, whatever the results and timings. When such critical information is missing, it is almost impossible to collect detailed metrics on the investigation processes, hence come up with essential KPIs. This does not only adversely impact the SOC governance, but it also leads to consequences for auditability.

ATAR® allows to watch all different performance or workload criteria by using dashlets in different dashboards. It is easily measured the SLA times and efficiency of Analyst. By using ATAR® you get a report for your needs. ATAR® Labs builds next generation Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) platforms. Our flagship product ATAR®helps CSOC teams improve their efficiency in responding to cyber attacks using various and diverse forms of automation.


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Today’s attacks are automated. Why aren’t defenses?