It is obvious that management of the increasing number and progress of the incidents show how efficient your SOC Team is running. A SOAR platform needs to have an ability to allow collaborative work within SOC Team. But this is not an easy process to manage.

An analyst efficiency is also depending on how the platform helps for incident management. Starting from the initial alert processed and triage is taken on board, an analyst needs efficient way to gather info for a not false positive incident. Regulations also need to take care while working on evidences. Analyst have different ways to work on incidents and also different scripting capabilities.

So if there is no single place to manage the operation steps, analyst may continue the processes in his own head. So ATAR ®  allows analysts for collaborative work on the same incidents.  ATAR® also have the ability for the auditing purposes. By using ATAR® an analyst also has the full accountability. It is becoming less complicated to manage the incidents by using ATAR® Platform.


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Today’s attacks are automated. Why aren’t defenses?