Security orchestration and automation response (SOAR) is a technology that helps organization to collect alerts and threat feeds in a central place and response and remediate incidents.

In today’s world there is a huge volume of alerts or threat data that needs to be taken care and the solution to handle this problem comes with using machine driven automated activities. In a typical organization there are different number of security solutions used in daily processes. To create a running process using different solutions is always a constraint because some products uses the other products’ output as an input. This is obvious that we do not have enough man power to handle all activities in today’s environments. So what an organization need is the ability to coordinate and formalize the actions and automate responses based on the defined risks of the environment.

Organizations needs orchestration to provide enough information to understand, review and decide if there is any suspicious activity is going on. After the required investigation completed and if results confirm that there is an incident there is a need for responding to the incident. To use orchestration effectively the main need is number of integrations with different systems in the environment. So by using orchestration SOAR can shrink the investigation times from hours to minutes and automated actions can be on board for responding faster or at machine speed. SOC teams can create some cases and pass all to the platform so automating the action it will improve the response accuracy.


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Today’s attacks are automated. Why aren’t defenses?