ATAR Labs, which was founded in 2017 by the experienced management team of Innovera, Turkey’s leading information and security services provider, is the leading cyber security supplier of Turkey, exporting technology to global markets.

ATAR Labs continues its engineering operations in Bilkent University Cyberpark, launches ATAR® cyber security robot, which is the most valuable examples of Turkey’s R&D power, to international arena. In order to strengthen its presence in international markets, ATAR Labs has received one of the largest seed funding rounds in Turkish history from Diffusion Capital Partners (DCP), and is focusing on carrying out an international operation with leading cyber security technologies, through its offices in Turkey, as well as the UAE, Continental Europe and UK. ATAR® is an innovative cyber security technology that allows organizations to integrate different cyber security products and skills. By this means, even if organizations use several products, they can achieve effective and fast results with one single cyber security solution.

ATAR® cyber security robot supports organizations that can not catch up with the speed and volume of cyber-attacks. ATAR® defense robot automatically runs the pre- taught attack reflexes. In this way, ATAR® can run frequently repetitive operations in a security operations center without the need of a human expert. By this means, while 30-40% of the total alarm handling load is covered by the robot, incident investigation and response capabilities provided by ATAR® allow operation center experts to analyse and resolve 15 to 20 times faster.

ATAR Labs aims to expand the success of ATAR®, which has been developed to make the Security Operations Centers (SOC) faster, more flexible and smarter, throughout the world, in parallel with its new corporate structure and vision.


Burak Dayıoğlu

CEO & Co-Founder

Gökhan Say


Murat Tora



Security Operations Center Management Platform ATAR®, Closes 2.5M Euro Seed Investment from DCP

ATAR®, one of the leading security operations center management platforms, raised 2.5M Euro from DCP. Initially developed by Innovera, Turkey’s leading cybersecurity consulting firm, ATAR® has now become a standalone company with the aim to target global markets.

Innovera’s ATAR® (Automated Threat Analysis and Response) announced today the closing of a 2.5M Euro seed investment by Diffusion Capital Partners and spinning off ATAR Labs as a independent company to expand ATAR® globally. The seed investment, which is one of the biggest seed investment in the Turkish venture ecosystem, will enable ATAR Labs to invest into global expansion and significantly expand engineering workforce.

With the vision of becoming a leading global technology provider, ATAR Labs is now ready to start a multinational operation via offices in the UAE, mainland Europe and the UK. Innovera Cofounder Burak Dayıoğlu will lead the new ATAR Labs as Chief Executive Officer.

“With the rapid digitalization, cybersecurity has become the greatest challenge for companies and countries. SOCs have a critical and challenging role in this respect. ATAR®® was developed for supporting these teams who have to cope with as many as 4.000 cyber alerts daily by offering a faster, more flexible and smarter investigation management system for the SOCs. Our technology has already proved its success in Turkey and several other regions of the world, and ATAR® has now a clear purpose of spreading its foremost technology solutions to the world as a standalone business as ATAR Labs,” said Burak Dayıoğlu, CEO, ATAR Labs. “With 2,5M Euro seed investment by Diffusion Capital Partners, we are introducing ATAR Labs into the global arena as an independent, competitive and innovative company via our offices around the world and channel partners. I strongly believe that ATAR Labs, built on the power and expertise of Innovera -celebrating its 10 th year as an innovative consulting powerhouse, will ensure success swiftly.”

ATAR Labs technology improves efficiency of security teams

ATAR Labs offers a unified investigations interface; like a cockpit for incident management and response. When analysts are working on cases on the ATAR® interface, ATAR® acts as a personal assistant by fetching all data/evidence and taking actions with a single click. This unified investigations interface supercharges security teams’ productivity by dramatically reducing the time required for a typical incident investigation and response. When ATAR Labs technology is used as the SOC operations platform, it records all analyst activities and automated operations. This generates a big volume of operational intelligence data. Using data collected from SOC operations, ATAR® provides its customers with the KPIs
and metrics that shows insight into how the SOC is being run and metrics on individual analyst performances.
“Yesterday’s manual attacks are now fully automated with autonomous malware; no human analyst can match the speed of an automated attack. What we offer is a chance of offloading repetitive investigation and response activities to the ATAR® robot and focusing on the more out-of- ordinary” said Burak Dayıoğlu.

About ATAR Labs

Founded by the experienced management team of Innovera, ATAR Labs provides its customers with the cutting edge cybersecurity technology with the vision of becoming one of the forerunners of the global industry. ATAR Labs’ mission is building umbrella solutions to simplify and streamline security operations for a safe and secure future.

About Diffusion Capital Partners (DCP)

DCP is Turkey’s first technology transfer and seed-stage venture capital fund manager. The company exclusively invests in technology and IP intensive projects and start-ups. DCP aims to work side by side with great entrepreneurs and scientists to build business from the ground up and accelerate diffusion of innovations from lab to market.


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Today’s attacks are automated. Why aren’t defenses?


Founded by the experienced management team of Innovera, Atar Labs provides its customers with the cutting edge cybersecurity technology with the vision of becoming one of the forerunners of the global industry. Atar Labs mission building umbrella solutions to simplify and streamline security operations for a safe and secure future.




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