Security Orchestration, Automation and Response Platform

ATAR® combines cognitive automation, a cutting edge investigations service desk, security orchestration and
SOC KPIs & metrics in a single lovable package.

Repetitive Activities

Yesterday’s manual attacks are now fully automated with malware; no human analyst can match the speed of an automated attack.

Organizations needs orchestration to provide enough information to understand, review and decide if there is any suspicious activity is going on. Also some "evil" happens more frequently then others. Why not offload automate repetitive investigation and response activities to the ATAR® robot and focus on the more out-of-ordinary?

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Analyst Efficiency

A SOAR platform needs to have an ability to allow collaborative work within SOC Team. But this is not an easy process to manage.

ATAR® sports a unified investigations interface; like a cockpit for incident management and response. ATAR® acts as a personal butler by fetching all data/evidence and taking actions on the analysts behalf with a single click. This unified investigations interface supercharges your analysts productivity by dramatically reducing the time required for a typical incident investigation and response.

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KPIs and Metrics

In many SOC settings today, the activities taking place during an investigation are not logged and it is impossible to keep a trail of previous actions.

ATAR® records all analyst activities and automated operations. This generates a big volume of operational intelligence data. Using data collected from SOC operations, ATAR® provides KPIs and metrics that shows insight into how the SOC is being run and metrics on individual analyst performances.

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Today’s attacks are automated. Why aren’t defenses?

Business Value

Defense Agility
Playbook automation, one-click evidence collection and one-click actions increase defense agility.
Incident histories, metrics collection, SLAs and case reports provide accountability and auditability.
Cost Reduction
Achieve more with less operators, decreasing losses and driving down costs

ATAR® can help improve the agility and efficiency of the modern SOC.

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